Unique DBC Technology

The Dynamic Boundary Conforming (DBC) technology uses a topology wireframe interactively created by the user to automatically map and create multi-block grids.

The user creates a topology wireframe by positioning a sparse set of blocks around a given geometry from a CAD program. These block faces are labeled to correspond to the bounding surfaces of the region to be analyzed. Unlike the frames of some other grid generation systems, the pattern defining blocks do not need to be precisely positioned.

The algorithms automatically morph the topology wireframe grid into conformity with the bounding geometry, generating a multi-block grid. The process ensures that a smooth and orthogonal grid is output under the constraints defined by the user.

With this technology, users are not required to generate surface grids or build items such as block edges and their pointwise distributions. The user simply gets both surface and volume grids simultaneously and automatically.

GridPro's unique methodology significantly increases productivity by minimizing the amount of user interaction and individual input. Its mathematical engine relieves much of the tedious work of constructing the various parts of a grid and then properly assembling them.

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